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A design based on one of the best alternate reality comic book storylines I've ever read. The Red Son depicted Superman landing in the Soviet Union in the 50's rather than an American farmland. His ideals were different and the world is massively impacted as a result. It's well worth a read and this T-shirt is cool so you should get one too ;)


It's a Polycotton T-shirt or Sweatshirt and the image will never wash out or fade as it has been embedded into the fabric. They are applicable for men and women (women often buy the size below).


SIZE GUIDE (representative of chest size in inches)


S - 36-38 M - 40 L - 42 XL - 44 XXL - 46-48



I'd love your support, follow my artwork on me any of the social media links at the foot of the page.

Red Son Superman Inspired Cosplay T-Shirt - Soviet Super Man Tee by Rev-Level

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